Contributing to DeepBrain Chain Community

Thank you for your interest in contributing to the DeepBrain Chain! There are many ways to contribute, and we appreciate all of them. This document is a bit long, so here are links to the major sections:

  1. Contributing to DeepBrain Chain Community
    1. Feature Requests
    2. Bug Reports
    3. Writing Documentation
      1. Parity Technologies
      2. Rust

If you have questions, please hop on the DBC Discord, DBC Community Developers Telegram.

As a reminder, all contributors are expected to follow our Code of Conduct.

Feature Requests

To request a change to the way DeepBrain Chain code works, please head over to the repository and enter a new feature request for instructions.

Bug Reports

While bugs are unfortunate, they’re a reality in software. We can’t fix what we don’t know about, so please report liberally. If you’re not sure if something is a bug or not, feel free to file a bug anyway.

If you believe reporting your bug publicly represents a security risk to DeepBrain Chain users, please follow our instructions for reporting security vulnerabilities.

If you have the chance, before reporting a bug, please search existing issues,as it’s possible that someone else has already reported your error. This doesn’t always work, and sometimes it’s hard to know what to search for, so consider this extra credit.

Similarly, to help others who encountered the bug find your issue, consider filing an issue with a descriptive title, which contains information that might be unique to it.

Opening an issue is as easy as following this link and filling out the fields. Here’s a template that you can use to file a bug, though it’s not necessary to use it exactly:

# Bug Report Template

Description: [enter a short summary of the bug]

I tried this code:

[code sample that causes the bug]

I expected to see this happen: [explanation]

Instead, this happened: [explanation]
# Meta needed

$ dbc-mainchain --version

Backtrace: [crash information]

Writing Documentation

Documentation improvements are very welcome. The source of is located at the repository, and standard API documentation is generated from the source code itself. Documentation pull requests function in the same way as other pull requests.

Parity Technologies

The DeepBrain Chain blockchain is based off of Substrate from Parity Technologies.


We use the Rust Language quite a bit.

For people new to Rust, and just starting to contribute, or even for more seasoned developers, some useful places to look for information are:

Rust StackOverflow.

Rust package management via